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Interviews from Scotland: SYLVAIN, MATHIEU and AYMERIC, interviewing their host lady, a museum guard and ending up at the police station (just for an interview, fortunately!)

19 Avril 2011 , Rédigé par Fred Montanari Publié dans #Trip to Scotland!

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Paul 25/04/2011 14:34

As i cannot comment the texts and images, Im doin it here.
For "Ireland", I really like the fact it's been a drawing, a great drawing btw. Actually, I live in Ireland (even if I was born in France) and I have to tell that what had been represented is
really consistent with reality. I mean people drink beers, are friendly, green is eveywhere, with different shades, there's a lot of redhead here, etc.
I hae to say this is the one I prefer : Amélie and Sylvain, Congrat'! (Sure you had the best mark!)

(I didn't find Mathieu and Aymeric's work)

Paul 25/04/2011 14:18

I like the interview, really interesting and funny too (french policemen and Charly)! Hope there'll be more.