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MELOE, MARION, ANISSA and ZAKYA interviewing their Scottish host lady about the Euro VS Pound debate, the Highland Games and Fairs. Other interviews deal with school uniform and... France!

19 Avril 2011 , Rédigé par Fred Montanari Publié dans #Trip to Scotland!

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Paul 30/04/2011 11:37

A subject really interesting because internet has become somthing usual in our modern world. You did your speech well, and I can only say that it's really great! Congrat'

Paul 30/04/2011 11:32

A subject hard to deal with, but, thanks to your ideas and your great accent, you managed to do a fantastic speech, really convincing!

Paul 30/04/2011 11:28

A really great job : really interesting subject, well chosen arguments, a nice accent. In short, a brilliant speech Méloé!

Paul 29/04/2011 14:40


Ive just listened to your work. It's again a great work, with a really impressive accent. Really convicing. I really like the way you made your speeche, with strong and clear arguments! Well done!

Paul 26/04/2011 23:34

Marion :
Your work about Australia is really convincin' and I think the same bout this country : it is "deeply fascinating"

Meloe (I like that name, dunno y) :
A great job too, I agree with every people youve chosen! I also like the way you've done your work : you're kinda artist! It's becomin my favourite! (sorry for sylvin)

Anisa :
I think i can just repeat what ive said to meloe : great job, you're kinda artist!

As it is about Ireland, I love it again ;) And for sure, Erin is a place to visit!