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LAURIE, DIANE AND SARAH interviewing their Scottish host lady, traditionnal musicians and...a Swiss lad!

12 Avril 2011 , Rédigé par Fred Montanari Publié dans #Trip to Scotland!

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Paul 25/04/2011 14:41

Again, a really good interview! Nothing more to say I think (maybe you should have put more images, but the interview itself is really interesting and really convenient!)

About "Images of England".
A nice piece of work, well done, quite funny too :)
The text is a bit too long, but yet I've read it, and it's well written, well done. There's just one little thing I disagree with : Pete Doherty. I dont really think he's the most representative of
his country, even if he had made great songs. But well, it's only a matter tastes. Still a great work!