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The Welsh Language, an interview by Océane, marion and Mathilde

13 Mai 2012 , Rédigé par Fred Montanari Publié dans #Trip to Chester!


walesNowadays, in Wales, the Welsh language is still spoken. It is an old language which is persisting in this country. That’s why we decided to interview a man from Wales which allowed us to know more about this topic. We made this interview during our trip in Caernarfon on Thursday, 12th of April.

Click on the link and enjoy the listening! Oceane Marion Mathilde Oceane Marion Mathilde

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What do English and Welsh people think about France? An interview by Solène and Marion

13 Mai 2012 , Rédigé par Fred Montanari Publié dans #Trip to Chester!



We took the opportunity of being in England and Wales to interview people about stereotypes against French people.

Then we have noticed all the interviewees thought that French people were kind.

One of them had been to France and he said this trip made him discover how we truly lived.

In the end, we asked our hostess about her point of view.

Hosting students from all origins has allowed her to break some made up opinions.

It has opened her mind.



Marion Borne and Solène Adami


Click on the links  to listen to the interview:

marion solene 1 marion solene 1

marion solene 2 marion solene 2 marion solene 3 marion solene 3 marion solene 4 marion solene 4 marion solene 5 marion solene 5


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A FUNNY INTERVIEW IN LONDON, by Alicia Philippe and Mégane Fick

11 Mai 2012 , Rédigé par Fred Montanari Publié dans #Trip to Chester!

A funny interview !

Click here to listen  Alicia&Mégane interview Alicia&Mégane interview


We were really enjoyed to go to London again, as last year. But this time, we had to achieve a mission: interview an English people.

When we saw this exceptional and off-center man, we both thought to interview him.

 He looked so hearty and friendship, that we immediately felt enthusiastic to speak English with him.

During the interview, he was really crazy: giggling, making strange noises and saying anything, which made us laugh a lot (you could understand when you will listen to the interview).

 After the interview we thanked him for this amazing moment!


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Interview of our host lady from Chester, by Charline BAUER and Audrey JOBERT

5 Mai 2012 , Rédigé par Fred Montanari Publié dans #Trip to Chester!

Click on the link below and watch a very interesting conversation between the girls and their host lady during our trip to England...They are talking about travelling, food, habits..Well-done girls!



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